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Transitions TeleWeb Seminars (TTS) First Anniversary Sale
One month only discounts on our Conscious Content for a better you in a better world

In appreciation of this past 12 months successful launch of:
Bring Me a Higher Love: Love, Spirituality and Relationships Teleweb Seminar Series
Psychology, Spirituality and Money Teleweb Seminar Series
Sexuality, Spirituality and Erotic Wellness Teleweb Seminar Series
Spirituality, Psychology and The Mystical: Divining the Divine in Everyday Life Teleweb Seminar Series

We thank all the free and paid registrants for joining us and for those who wrote all the complimentary emails. Now, in appreciation, we offer this special through September 30, 2013.

Buy any one TTS series with all the benefits and bonus materials at the regular price of $97 and get half off of any or all of the remaining three TTS series. Click on any of the above hot links to review the guest experts and their subjects, as well as the variety of good content.

When you buy any one of the series’, you will get an email response with your 50% off code for any or all the others. (Note: All series are $97.)

And because it is our policy to always giveaway a free gift with our offers, you can click on the following samples, from each of the 15 to 28 segments that you can purchase in any of the four TTS series.

Bring Me A Higher Love series excerpts
Joan Borysenko excerpt
[click on the file name to hear a 20-minute excerpt of the conversation]
Joan Borysenko excerpt for TRM with music

Andrew Harvey excerpt
Andrew Harvey on Shifting One's Relationship to Shame, Karma and Shadow with music

Psychology, Spirituality & Money series excerpt
Marianne Williamson excerpt
Marianne Williamson sample

Spirituality, Sexuality & Erotic Wellness series excerpt
Marty Klein excerpt
[click on the file name to hear a 20-minute excerpt of the first conversation]
Marty Klein 20-minute sample

Spirituality, Psychology & The Mystical series excerpt
Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt
Harville and Helen excerpt for TRM with music


In 2012, Alan Hutner, long time radio host of the spiritually-oriented show Transitions Radio Magazine and Bill O’Hanlon, psychotherapist, speaker and author of 30+ books on change, personal development and spirituality, began a series of jointly hosted conversations with some of the most influential spiritual and psychological experts on the planet on various topics designed to enhance the lives of listeners and to be part of a global shift of consciousness toward the divine, humane planet-sustaining love.

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In a spirit of service and entrepreneurship, we decided to give these conversations away for free as well as offering a paid version to help support the venture and both of us.

Our last series is on Psychology, Spirituality and The Mystical featuring guests such as Larry Dossey, Bruce Lipton, Harville Hendrix, Swami Beyondananda and Luisa Kolker premiered in August 2013.

Alan Hutner

Bill O’Hanlon

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